Early childhood education (Bachelor of Arts)

Admission requirements for the course

Applicants for the Bachelors degree course in early childhood education should satisfy the
following eligibility criteria:

  • 1. Higher education entrance qualification (formal qualification)

    German Abitur or Fachhochschulreife or an equivalent qualifying certificate from a foreign country

    Applicants with none of the aforementioned qualifications but who have attended a course of vocational training and thereafter gained practical experience by working in this vocation for two to three years may sit the ehs' internal entrance examination.

  • 2. Pre-study practical experience of at least six months,

    preferably in a field of action that is relevant for the course of studies (e.g. a child day-care or after-school facility, etc.) within the scope of a gap year for social work, German federal volunteer service, practical training during an apprenticeship or while attending a technical secondary school or civil service.

  • 3. Additional experience in social, political or church-based domains,

    e.g. honorary post, further practical work, professional work.