Profile of the ehs

The profile of the Evangelische Hochschule Dresden is characterised by a lively and animated practical orientation. To develop theory and practice in a mutual dialogue in the fields of social work, early childhood education as well as nursing we seek interaction with both professional reality and the everyday world of people. Against the background of Christian traditions (protestant profile) and current research, contemporary and value-led social and educational work and nursing care are at the core of this profile.

The Evangelische Hochschule Dresden focuses on the quality of acedemic teaching. This is closely related to practical research, which is undertaken by the teachers and in the ehs's own research institute, as well as to advanced and continued education. The ehs is characterised by a climate of open discussion and joint efforts to combine interdisciplinary theoretical discussion and research, reflected methods training and ethic discourse. As a result, all courses of study provide methodological competence in terms of practical and research-related approaches while, at the same time dealing with theological issues. All courses aim to enable students to act in their professional environment with ethic responsibility and socio-political consciousness based on sound scientific principles. The advantages of a relatively small educational institution like ours are brought to bear through learning in small groups and the personal contact between teachers and students.

Another facet of its profile is that the Evangelische Hochschule sees itself as an open institution of higher education which is committed to the principles of life-long learning and permeability in education. This is why the ehs has been offering part-time courses which open up new perspectives to professionals with practical experience or people seeking a career change along with full-time courses ever since its foundation. The ehs is also open to international students. It maintains intense relationships with numerous institutions of higher education in Eastern and Western Europe, supports any of its students wishing to attend courses abroad and helps with the integration of teachers and students coming from foreign countries. The ehs plays an active role in implementing gender equality principles. The ehs's <link fileadmin hochschule profil gleichstellungskonzept_stand_2014_04_23.pdf download file>gender equality policy pursues the aim of combining gender equality, the promotion of women's advancement and measures to improve the work/study and family life balance.