“Expression of Interest” for hosting Fellows

The University of Applied Sciences for Social Work, Education and Nursing in Dresden (Evangelische Hochschule Dresden) and its non-profit research and continuing education centre (ehs Zentrum ZFWB) are interested in hosting post-doctoral fellows within the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship programme. The University and the research centre welcome experienced researchers seeking to work on all fields of Minority and/or Youth research.

At the ehs Zentrum researchers and lecturers deal with issues in social research, continuing education and counselling that are relevant to equitable coexistence in society and to the social responsibility. The centre consists of two institutes - a research centre and a continuing education centre - that were founded by university members 15 years ago in order to realize research projects and to provide useful findings and information for practitioners in the field of social work, public administration and politics.

"Expression of interest" children and youth

"Expression of interest" educational system