Special Interest Group "Gender Balance"

For some years now, researchers from several countries have formed an international network on the issue of men, women and gender balance in the ECEC work force. Since 2010, members of the network organized research symposia on the annual conferences of EECERA, a leading international organization in the developing field of early childhood education and care. 2012, the network initiated a Special Interest Group within EECERA.


International Research Collaboration on Men and Gender in ECEC



SIG Gender Balance Research conference

The network invites all interested researchers to its 5th conference:
Gender Balance in ECEC: new research perspectives
Bologna, 29.8.2017, 9.00-16.00

The SIG gender balance conference is a place for researchers to exchange research ideas, strategies, and results in the field of gender balance. This year the focus will be on (1) the connection between gender balance in the work force and gender sensitive pedagogy / equality, and (2) on career trajectories of men in ECEC, including the "dropout" issue. The conference will give room for exchange of participants' views and expertise; more detailed information will be sent out to participants in forehand. All interested researchers are welcome.

<link fileadmin forschung sig_gb sig_gender_balance_conference_2017-1.pdf download file>Conference program    <link fileadmin forschung sig_gb sig_conference_registration_form_2017-3.docx download file>Registration form
More info: rohrmann@wechselspiel-online.de


Special Interest Group Gender Balance


The SIG focuses on the issue of gender balance in the ECEC work force, and on the important role gender plays in adult-child-relations. The members of the SIG support the aim of increasing the proportion of male workers towards a more gender-balanced ECEC work force. At the same time there is a need for a more differentiated view and research on several aspects of the issue.

The SIG focuses on the links of research, practice and policy, intends to provide an academic forum for the promotion, development and dissemination of research, and facilitates cooperation and collaboration between researchers in the field.

Until now researchers from Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Norway, the UK, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey have joined the SIG. Researchers from many more countries are on our mailing list and become part of the network. Convenors are Tim Rohrmann (Germany) and Kari Emilsen (Norway).

The SIG organizes research conferences and self organized symposia around and on the EECERA Annual conferences every autumn.

2015 the SIG has published an EECERJ special issue on Gender Balance in the ECEC work force which is available online.


SIG Convenors

Prof. Dr. Tim Rohrmann, Dresden University of Applied Sciences, Childhood Development and Education. tim.rohrmann@ehs-dresden.de

Kari Emilsen, Associate professor in social science at Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education, Trondheim, Norway. Kari.Emilsen@dmmh.no

together with
Anna Bujnowska, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland
David Brody, Efrata College of Education, Jerusalem, Israel
Yuwei Xu, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Jo Warin, Lancaster University, United Kingdom


If you are interested to join the SIG and/or want to be on the SIGs mailing list, please contact

Tim Rohrmann, tim.rohrmann@ehs-dresden.de.

SIG reports

<link fileadmin forschung sig_gb sig_gender_balance_report_2016.pdf download file>SIG Gender Balance Report 2016

<link fileadmin forschung sig_gb sig_gender_balance_report_2015.pdf download file>SIG Gender Balance Report 2015

<link fileadmin forschung sig_gb sig_gender_balance_report_2014.pdf download file>SIG Gender Balance Report 2014

<link fileadmin forschung sig_gb sig_gender_balance_info_2013.pdf download file>SIG Gender Balance Report 2013

Special Interest Group Gender Balance